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Imran Hossan Tara: Web Visionary & Owner

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Imran Hossan Tara: Web Visionary & Owner Imran Hossan Tara: Web Visionary & Owner Imran Hossan Tara: Web Visionary & Owner

Imran Hossan Tara: Web Visionary & Owner

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Meet Md Imran Hossan, a trailblazing Web Designer, Professional WordPress Developer, and the proud owner of, an innovative e-commerce platform based in the bustling city of Chittagong, Bangladesh. Imran’s journey is a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit, marketing prowess, and unwavering dedication to transforming the landscape of web design and online commerce.

Early Ambitions and Entrepreneurial Spirit

From a young age, Imran harboured a desire to carve out a unique path. His entrepreneurial spirit ignited at the age of 14, setting him on a journey to explore and understand the business landscape. This early fascination with business laid the foundation for a remarkable career that would see him excel in the dynamic fields of web design and e-commerce.

Founder and Owner of A Vision Realised

Imran’s vision and expertise in marketing culminated in the creation of, where he serves as the founder and proud owner. Through this dynamic e-commerce platform, Imran has leveraged his skills to offer a unique and seamless online shopping experience. His commitment to excellence and innovative marketing strategies has positioned as a trusted destination for those seeking quality products and a user-friendly interface.

Early Steps into Web Design

Imran embarked on his web design journey in 2019, initially self-learning the basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and Bootstrap. His first venture into web design was a music website, showcasing his diverse interests. Recognizing the need for formal education, he joined the renowned IT institute, Itbari, to hone his web design and development skills.

Educational Journey

Imran’s educational journey began at Azim Hakim School and College. After completing his Secondary (SSC) education there, he furthered his studies at Islamia Degree College in Chittagong for his Higher Secondary (HSC). Currently, Imran is a 2nd-year student at the National University, pursuing an Honours degree, balancing his academic pursuits with his entrepreneurial ventures.

A Multifaceted Career

While Imran is recognized for his entrepreneurial endeavours and prowess on the football field, he finds his true comfort and passion in his career as a Web Designer and the proud owner of His official Facebook Fanpage, ” Imran Hossen Tara,” serves as a testament to his professional identity and the impact he has made in the web design and e-commerce landscape.

Looking Ahead: A Visionary in the Making

As Imran continues to shape his career and contribute to the digital and e-commerce spheres, his story is one of resilience, learning, and the pursuit of excellence. With each project and endeavour, he solidifies his position as a visionary in the making, leaving an indelible mark on the world of web design and online commerce.

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Immerse yourself in the journey of a web design pioneer, entrepreneur, and e-commerce visionary. Md Imran Hossan is not just creating websites; he’s crafting digital experiences and transforming online commerce with

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